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Weed Prevention for Spring

Weed Prevention for Spring

Weed Prevention for Spring
Spring weeds are working hard to rob your trees and shrubs of water, nutrients, and, ultimately, their health. That is why First Response Lawn Care has structured our  weed control service to ensure that you have protection in every month of the year. Our experienced weed control specialists follow a plan that is tailored to the Texas climate including early season weed prevention, Spring weed control and prevention, plus Summer weed control and
Fall weed preparation.

At First Response Lawn Care, we work hard to monitor for weeds and keep your lawn safe so that you don’t have to. You deserve to spend your nights, weekends, and extra time with family and friends, and not tackling your weed woes!

Let First Response Lawn Care’s year-round care beat weeds at the source and keep them at bay before they have a chance to spring up. If you want total control against weeds in every season, we can help. Protect your landscape and let our trained technicians beat the issue for you.


By combining our 7 step program with good mowing and watering practices, your lawn should stay thick, healthy and green all year long.

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8 Things To Do Right Now For Your Winter Lawn

8 Things To Do Right Now For Your Winter Lawn

Here are 8 Things To Do Right Now For Your Winter Lawn. Texas’s warm humid climate and rich soil, is ideal for plant life. Gardens here show evidence of that.

With the first official day of Spring still over a month away, your attention may be focused mostly indoors. Even in the cold winter months, however, our lawns and gardens have specific needs. What may look dead and brown but is teeming with life just underneath the surface.

In order to reduce pests and ensure that your plants and grasses will thrive as the weather warms up, your Texas winter gardening regimen should include these essential steps.


Apply Pre-emergents

Now is the time to apply your pre-emergent on lawns and grasses to prevent the germination of weed seeds. The window of opportunity is open right now. Corn gluten meal is a great organic approach, but other herbicides can be purchased at your local nursery or home improvement store. Pre-emergent is a small step that yields BIG dividends in spring and summer.


If you haven’t done so already, fertilize all established trees and shrubs (except azaleas and camellias), and feed perennial bulbs. This can be done simultaneously with the pre-emergent. Your compost pile is perfect for this use, or check with your local garden center for recommendations.

Watch the weather

Historically, the coldest days of the year fall in the month of February. This does not come as great news to those of us yearning for the warmer weather, but gardeners should be on watch for a potential freeze all the way into the month of March. Make sure to water the roots well, and cover plants if temperatures fall below 32 degrees.


This is the best time to prune shrubs, trees, and roses, but wait to prune spring flowering trees until after they bloom. Crepe Myrtles are the exception to this rule. Experts advise that crepe myrtles should never be pruned or can be pruned very gently.


Mow your lawn once this month. This will allow the sun to reach the roots.

Clean up

Rake any fallen leaves, for the same reason. Grass roots need sunlight to germinate and begin the new growth cycle. Be sure to remove all debris and other encumbrances to growth. These leaves and other lawn debris can be put into the compost bin for later use as fertilizer.


Dig weeds out by hand. There may only be a few, but soon they will become legion. Tackle the small job now, to avoid a larger one later.

Plant bulbs

Now is the time to plant later blooming bulbs and tubers such as dahlias, elephant ears, caladiums, and calla lilies. This is also the perfect time to plant strawberries.
Yes, it is cold outside. But if you want to have a beautiful landscape when spring comes, the time to begin is now.

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Ten Reasons to Hire Professional Weed Control Service

Ten Reasons to Hire Professional Weed Control Service

Ten Reasons to Hire Professional Weed Control Service

Effective control of weed growth in north Texas is just one of the many commercial services available. While cutting a lawn does reduce the appearance of harmful weeds, it does not prevent the problem from happening again. Below are the top 10 reasons why weed control is essential for your Texas business or home.

10 Top Benefits of Commercial Weed Control Services

Some homeowners depend on products purchased at a home improvement store to prevent growth of weeds. Many are unsure of how much to use or the proper type or usage. Small business owners may not be able to use certain pesticides or herbicides due to environmental concerns. Controlling weeds at the commercial level requires commercial lawn weed control products that are approved for safety.

Soil can be quickly turned into a hotbed for pest growths, algae and insects that can quickly destroy lovely shrubs and flowers. When a standard topical herbicide is not effective, an experienced company like First Response Lawn Care will make sure that the actual problem is solved once and for all. This ensures that only the correct fertilizers and organic products are used.

The level of organic matter that is present inside of soil is what causes trees, bushes and other plant life to grow correctly. A good balance of organics can improve the quality of soil without disrupting the environment or ecological system. First response Lawn Care will be able to provide a maintenance routine to raise the organic matter levels to a higher point to stimulate growth.

In north Texas, there are several popular grass types. The list includes St. Augustine grass, Bermuda grass, Buffalo grass, and Zoysia grass. Weeds can quickly strangle and prevent these types from growing to their fullest potential. Using the right maintenance, good grass will continue to grow free from weeds and contaminants.

Because all grass is different, there are separate cutting lengths that should be used for a commercial landscape. Cutting grass at the wrong height actually can harm the growth pattern. Hiring a professional like First Response Lawn Care to get rid of weeds and who knows how to cut and prune properly, is what can make a lawn attractive.

All lawns have a certain pH level that must be maintained to rid the soil of contamination. There are some sprays that do not work well for plant life although do prevent weed growth. By using the right sprays to improve the lawn, pest control will be more effective and delicate flowers will not be harmed in the process.

There is a lot more to using a Weed Eater to make a sidewalk or walkway look great. It takes a good design to provide the best symmetry when plants are first placed into the ground. Growth of weeds can be controlled with a regular schedule of edging that is performed by First Response Lawn Care.

How are mulch beds used to control weeds? The mulch keeps the soil moist and will prevent protrusion of weeds. Treatment is still needed from time to time to stop unwanted growths from peeping through a flowerbed or shrub area. Good mulch maintenance will prevent Elephant Ear, Dogfennel, Coffeeweed, Candy Weed, Buttonbush and other damaging weeds from becoming a nuisance.

Weeds can only become a problem once they have germinated and have matured. While home and small business owners might know about post emergent weed extraction, few might be aware of a pre-emergent process. This procedure targets the soil and stops the germinating process of almost all types of unwanted growths that destroy beds of mulch and beautiful gardens.

In a recent Forbes study, it has been proven that consumers make a decision to conduct business with a company after only seven seconds. A lawn that is in OK shape but not perfect might be hurting sales. Tapping into the experience of a professional that can manage a lawn correctly will help boost consumer confidence and typically lead to more repeat sales. And for our homeowners, you want to have a beautiful lawn that accentuates your property whether it’s on the market or not.

First Response Lawn Care has transformed the lawns and exterior landscapes of homes and companies To get a free quote for a one-time or extended service package, call us today at (214) 701-7622. Get the landscape that your customers will love or your neighbors will envy by incorporating our expert assistance today.

Weed Control Fate Texas

Weed Control Fate Texas

Weed Control Fate TexasIf you are seeking weed control Fate Texas, First Response Lawn Care has a 7 step program to feed and control your lawns weeds. We only use commercial grade fertilizer and herbicides. We are licensed with the Texas Department of Agriculture Lic #450863. Our fertilizing program is designed to ensure your yard is healthy and the best in the neighborhood.

We take into consideration choosing and applying EPA approved products only. During the growing season, we either use a granular or liquid application depending on the outside climates and which products will give you the best results. Seven timely applications are spread over a 12 month period. Each application includes pre-post emergent – 2 times, fertilizer & weed spot treatment – 4 times, and pre-post emergent – 1 time.

By combining our 7 step program with good mowing and watering practices, your lawn should stay thick, healthy and green all year long.

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