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Weed Control Fate TexasIf you are seeking weed control Fate Texas, First Response Lawn Care has a 7 step program to feed and control your lawns weeds. We only use commercial grade fertilizer and herbicides. We are licensed with the Texas Department of Agriculture Lic #450863. Our fertilizing program is designed to ensure your yard is healthy and the best in the neighborhood.

We take into consideration choosing and applying EPA approved products only. During the growing season, we either use a granular or liquid application depending on the outside climates and which products will give you the best results. Seven timely applications are spread over a 12 month period. Each application includes pre-post emergent – 2 times, fertilizer & weed spot treatment – 4 times, and pre-post emergent – 1 time.

By combining our 7 step program with good mowing and watering practices, your lawn should stay thick, healthy and green all year long.

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