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Winning the Battle Against Fire Ants

Winning the Battle Against Fire Ants

Have you discovered an army of fire ants in your yard? Summer in the south is known for many things, and unfortunately one of them is pesky fire ants.

The impact of red imported fire ants in the state of Texas is estimated to be $1.2 billion annually. Red imported fire ants are pests that can pose a serious health threat to plants and animals.

These creepy crawlers create nests all over your yard and venture into your home for food. If you encounter them, you might end up with some nasty stings. Fire ants can even attack small animals and kill them. 

If left untreated, fire ants can run rampant in your yard and even start nesting in or underneath your home. First Response Lawn Care is fully equipped to handle even the worst fire ant infestations. 

If you are experiencing an army of fire ants in your yard that won’t go away, call First Response Lawn Care today at (214) 701-7622. We’ll win the fire ant battle for you with our professional fire ant control treatment.

Fire Ant Season is Here

Fire Ant Season is Here

Protect your family, pets and guests from bites and stings.

With warmer weather here, fire ants are busy building their mounds, and homeowners are just as busy trying to get rid of them. The bad news is that most homemade remedies like cornmeal, cayenne pepper and the like, just do not work. The good news is that First Response Lawn Care has an effective remedy to rid you of the pesky Fire Ant army.

Fire ants are known for being far more aggressive than other species of ants. They have even been known to attack and kill small animals that they consider a threat. Fire ant colonies cause turf damage and can seriously disturb your lawn’s ecosystem.

When a fire ant nest mound is disturbed, an immediate, orchestrated assault is triggered within the colony. The fire ants emerge from the colony mound to swarm your legs and start biting. Fire ant bites are only the first step in how fire ants attack. They clamp their barbed mandibles into your skin, then they bite, and then they bend their abdomens into a stinging position: fire ants drive their stingers repeatedly, injecting a venomous brew of alkaloids and proteins. Each sting from these pests feels like a hot spark and usually requires first aid. Fire ant stings are particularly dangerous for people with allergies, who may experience anaphylactic shock.

Our professional fire ant control experts at First Response Lawn Care respond to fire ant infestations with quick and effective season-long fire ant treatments, making it easy for you to take back your yard from this invasive and dangerous pest.

First Response Lawn Care provides comprehensive fire ant control services your lawn needs, with proven fire ant treatment designed to rid your turf and soil of a fire ant infestation. Take back your yard from these stinging pests and have fun enjoying your lawn

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