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Lawn Pests and Lawn Disease

LAWN DISEASE treatment

Drought-tolerant grass Species.
Inefficient Irrigation.
Yearly aeration
Mowing height 
Using proper fertilizers.

Lawn Grub Treatment

  • Curative treatments generally only stay active in the soil for a short duration which means they must be applied at the right time.
  • Since most grubs hatch in mid-July- mid-August, this is generally the right time to apply your curative products. However, contacting your local extension office to speak to the master gardener about the best time to treat white grubs in your area.


Stings from red imported fire ants are not typically life-threatening, however, some people have had allergic reactions. If you are stung and are having difficulty, seek medical attention.


Eliminating large larval development sites like rain barrels and ponding areas with little drainage. The application of insecticides targeted at the larvae or pupae to bodies of water harboring the larvae.

At First Response Lawn Care, we take special care and attention to your whole yard and outside areas. We are not just another lawn mowing service that cuts the grass and goes on to the next house. We are your local whole outside service company in Rockwall, Fate, Royce City, and all surrounding areas.

First Response Services Include:

  • Lawn Care and Mowing
  • General and Spring/Fall Cleanup
  • Weed Control and Fertilization
  • Sprinkler Installation and Repair
  • Mosquito Control
  • Lawn Grub Treatment
  • Fire Ant Control
  • Tree Trimming
  • Lawn Aeration
  • And More!

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