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If you’ve ever wondered what to grow in winter? Take a look at 5 plants that do well through winter weather.

Is the thought of cold temperatures and falling snow is enough to make you look for a fireplace? While we think a lot of plants do too when winter comes, but some garden plants can actually defy the odds. Winter gardening doesn’t mean planting things in the snow. The idea of what to grow in winter might make you rethink what you plant in the garden throughout the year.

Herr are 5 suggestions for plants that do well so you can know what to grow in winter.


The camellia is almost synonymous with the cold winter season. This evergreen shrub thrives even in winter when few plants do giving life to a bare garden. Camellia is also a shade plant growing well in acidic soil. Watering these plants with rain is ideal.

Snow Drops

How else are these dainty white flowers named besides their snow white colors but for their ability to seemingly grow in snow? They love the snow so much so forget about growing these plants in the warm south. Snowdrops are a shade loving plant too so you can add life and color in a shady spot in your garden.


You’ll find these well-loved classical flowers common in cottage gardens and for very good reasons. The flowers are just lovely in form and in their variety of colors. They’re hardy too and pretty long enduring some may last for a generation in a garden.


Depending on the variety of Heather and the hardiness zone in your areas, they can bloom all winter long. Give this plant a time to be established and you’ll find these plants blooming all through winter against the frost. Give your heather plant a trim in the summer to keep it healthy.


When a plant has legendary stories behind it then it must be amazing. Daphne really is when they’re widely known for their scented flowers and poisonous berries. Being a cold and drought tolerant plant, they are great for rock gardens and as a winter garden ornamental plant.

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