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Weeds are a menace year in and year out. They are just plants trying to grow like anything else.  However, if weeds can grow, they will do more damage than you might think. Weeds do damage beyond their unsightly appearance. With all the reasons to not have them, we hope you understand the importance of getting rid of them.

At First Response Lawn Care we have all your yard and weed maintenance covered!

Very unsightly  

They grow faster than grass. This early growth means your lawn is never able to overtake your yard and will constantly look in disarray if weeds are not managed early in the spring growing season.

Weeds Spread

It’s not just about your yard. Weeds that get out of hand will reproduce and populate in your neighbor’s lawn causing much more work for them. Additionally, they can come back into your own yard from the neighbor’s yard no matter how much work you do getting rid of them.

Bugs and pests

Pests are attracted to many kinds of plants. The more variety of grass and weeds the more variety of pests and bugs that will be attracted and stay. This goes beyond the grass but flowers, bushes, and possibly the garden areas. By eradicating those weeds, you reduce the number of invited pests.

Compete with grass for water and nutrients

It’s a competition with weeds. Weeds are going toe to toe with the grass in competing for valuable nutrients and water.

Cause damage to lawn equipment

Often overlooked, is the fact that weeds take a toll on maintenance to your machines that are forced to work harder on taller and thicker vegetation.

Taking the time and energy now will save off a lot of work in the future. Not only will it produce a healthy lawn but will bring a lot of satisfaction to you and your loved ones to trust the ground underneath them.

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