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Texas winter lawn care can be challenging. With its rain and freezing temperatures that can affect the lawn and will require the grass to be replaced if too much damage occurs. Winter in Texas may not be as long or severe as other states, but it can get cold. Homeowners must prepare their lawns for the cold bursts so that they are healthy and strong and ready for growing season.

Texas Winter Lawn Care Guide

Wondering how much work you need to put into your lawn in winter? The truth is, you don’t need to devote every moment to your lawn. But you want to pay it some attention if you want it to be green in the spring!

Clear Any Leaves and Debris

The debris and leaves can block out the sunlight, which can kill your grass. It is advisable to remove dead leaves on your yard so that you don’t wake up to a brown lawn come spring. Also, make sure you clear any debris, such as sticks, leaves, or other rubbish during the winter. These things can interfere with the grass receiving the proper nutrients, moisture, and air.

Winter Watering

Since Texas rarely gets snow, you should still water your lawn in the winter, especially if it’s been a couple of weeks without rain. Watering first thing in the morning is best because there is less evaporation and the water has a better chance of drying before night time, reducing instances of lawn diseases.

Know When to Apply Fertilizer

Fertilization is the most common way to make sure your lawn stays green and lush. The best time to apply fertilizer is right before the first freeze. Winter fertilization will give your lawn an increased amount of density and will allow it to fight off winter weeds.

Plant Winter Grasses

People in Texas often think of rye grass when they think of a winter grass. Planting rye grass will make your lawn look lusher and fuller as it grows in with your current grass.

Watch Your Weeds

Weeds can still be prevalent in the winter, so be sure that you pay close attention. You will improve the way your grass will grow when the spring comes around by actively removing weeds in the winter.

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