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It’s time for spring care and maintenance of your landscaping and recovery from the colder, dormant months. At First Response Lawn Care, we specialize in spring lawn recovery. It is time for pre-emergent treatments and fertilizing strategies for your healthy lawn and flower beds. Also, this is the right time to have your irrigation system inspected. Get your sprinklers in check to pre-empt any problems since watering is needed to kick start your lawn off right. Mowing time is here again and we have the right services to get you started.

Call us to discuss your needs to start the season with a green lawn! Our services include all yard lawn treatments and the personal attention you can only get from a family owned and operated company. We are your local one-stop lawn maintenance company!

Services we offer include:

  1. Spring Cleanup for your yard
  2. Mowing and Landscaping
  3. Weed Control and Fertilization
  4. Lawn Aeration
  5. Sprinkler system inspection and repair

All the services you need to start this spring with a healthy and lush yard. Our maintenance crews are fast and efficient.  We are licensed with the Texas Department of Agriculture Lic #450863. We are also a licensed irrigation specialist with the state of Texas Irrigation License #19451. Start the outdoor season off right with First Response Lawn Care!

If you want a healthy, lush lawn this year, let’s get started! Call our Lawn Care experts at (214) 701-7622!

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