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September could very well be the best month of the year to fertilize your lawn. We know you’ve heard this before in other months, but this is THE MONTH for fertilization. Here are our top tips for September lawn maintenance in Texas.

Dethatch Your Lawn

A thin, half-inch layer of thatch is normal and healthy for a lawn, but thatch that’s deeper than 1 inch should be removed as it prevents air, light and water from reaching the turf’s root zone. As thatch accumulates, there is a tendency for root growth to occur primarily in the thatch layer rather than the soil. This may result in a weakened, poorly rooted turf that is prone to stress injury. Thatch also makes an excellent breeding ground for harmful insects and disease organisms. For more information about dethatching, call First Response Lawn Care at (214) 701-7622, your lawn care service provider in Rockwall, Caddo Mills, Royse City, Fate, Rowlett, Forney, Heath, Sachse, Wylie, Lavon, Garland and surrounding areas.


Plant St. Augustine sod by mid-month to allow time for deep root growth before the first freeze. Bermuda seed should also be sown no later than mid-September, but sod can be planted later in month, if needed.

Aerate Your Lawn

After detaching your lawn, it’s a good idea to follow through with aeration. Aerating your lawn allows more nutrients and water to reach the grass root zone. Fall is a great time to do it as grass plants are beginning to store food for next spring.
These are only a few things you can do during September to keep your lawn healthy and strong for the pending winter season.

Apply Pre-emergent Herbicide

Apply a pre-emergent herbicide in September to prevent winter grassy weeds such as annual bluegrass, rescue grass and rye. (Don’t use if you’re over-seeding your turf.) Gallery products prevent annual broad-leafed weeds.

Pre-emergents need to be applied before the weeds actually sprout and start growing. You can apply them on the same day, then water them both onto the soil’s surface at the same time, but do not try to mix them in the fertilizer spreader. Make two separate passes across the lawn.

First Response Lawn Care can take care of all your lawn care maintenance aeration, fertilization and more in Rockwall Texas and surrounding areas.