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Ahhhhh raking winter leaves, an age-old tradition that most could live without for sure. Back when I was young, there was no shortage of leaves in our neighborhood and they always seemed to float to our yard. It was a chore, but read on because we have good news!

First Response Lawn Care will rake up leaf debris in your yard and bag it for you! Your flowerbeds and other landscaped areas need clean up too during the Texas winter months.

Get your yard cleaned from all the existing leaf piles or keep those falling leaves under control with our expert rake and bag lawn service. Keep your lawn grass and landscapes healthy by removing debris that could cause disease or give rodents a place to hide. If you have a ton of leaves or you have a bed of leaves that get wet, then you have a chance of growing mold, a fungal disease that can attack your grass.

When you are ready to say goodbye to those leaves, Call us and we’ll rake and bag those for you.

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