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There is plenty to do in the lawn and garden in August. We have some recommendations for tasks around your yard this month.

Lawn Maintenance and Preparation
Prepare for fall grass seed planting by leveling low spots, removing weeds, and choosing your seed if it needs to be ordered in advance. First Response Lawn Care can help!

Lawn Aeration
Aerate your lawn and dethatch it. First Response Lawn Care offers lawn aeration services.

Lawn Fertilization
If there is plenty of rainfall, August is a good time to fertilize your lawn in preparation for Fall.

To help your grass beat the heat and reduce lawn maintenance, keep your lawn mower blade on the highest setting. Don’t worry if parts of your yard turn brown this time of year – it happens.

Annuals and Perennials

Spring and summer-flowering perennials can be divided and transplanted after blooming. In zones 5 and warmer: divide overgrown plants and discard the extra, or transplant during the coolest part of the day and preferably in the shade.

Trim and fertilize your containers – they still have time for another show.
Deal with late-season pests – such as aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites – with a spray of water from the hose.

Treat diseased plants, and remove diseased foliage before leaves drop.
Prune back vigorous climbers such as wisteria, and train them around trellises while the growth is soft.

Propagate plants by collecting seeds, taking cuttings, or layering.
Continue deadheading! For prolific bloomers like coreopsis and catmint, shear them lightly to encourage more blooms.

Label your plants with garden stakes, particularly perennials that die down to the ground in the fall.

If you need help with your lawn or garden maintenance, call First Response Lawn Care at
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