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Pre-Emergent herbicides work by preventing seed germination. They don’t do much good after the weeds bloom. They’re best used as a preventative treatment in winter or summer dormant seasons.

Winter pre-emergent weed control makes warmer, heavy growth seasons manageable. During the Spring and Summer months, weeds thrive in warmer climate of these seasons. Getting a head start in the winter can keep things easy to maintain later in the season when grass is struggling to compete with weeds for water and minerals in the soil. When it comes to weed control, timing is everything. Winter pre-emergent weed control treatments are best applied before the ground temperatures rise past 50 degrees.

Professional-quality pre-emergent herbicides control target grasses and broad-leaf weeds on turf, and landscaping,  Pre-emergent herbicides are weed killers that are perfect for Winter application. First Response Lawn Care has professional grade products that aren’t found at do-it-yourself outlets and retail stores.

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