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First Response Lawn Care offers pre-emergent and post-emergent lawn care. If you aren’t familiar with the importance of herbicides, below is a simplified explanation.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergent type herbicides should be applied when the ground temperatures start rising. Pre-emergents start working before weed seeds germinate and start to grow. Pre-emergents create a seal around the seeds to prevent germination. Essentially, this will suffocate the seeds.

Pre-emergent weedkillers come in either liquid or granular form. Water is required to activate herbicide in granular forms so rain or watering will be needed with this method.

Crabgrass, thistle and other annual weeds that annually sprout from new seeds are treated best through pre-emergent types of weed killers but have little effect on perennial weeds because of their roots.

Post-Emergent Herbicides

Perennial weeds such as Dandelions and White Clover require post-emergent herbicides to combat them effectively. Post-emergent herbicides can be applied in spring once plants have started to grow. Post-emergent weed killers kill weeds after they have started to grow. Direct application to unwanted plants is best for Post-Emergents.

Post-Emergent liquids, spray directly to the weeds to be effective. Granular form work well but, require water to activate the same as Pre-emergents do.

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