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Heavy Rain Forces Ants Into Homes

When it rains, the precipitation flushes out ants, and their natural reaction is to head for higher ground. Unfortunately, that higher ground is usually your home.

“We deal with it every year. And it’s a consistent thing,” said Kelley Enright of Dallas, Texas. Then she decided to call a professional ant control service and that stopped the ant intrusion. First Response Lawn Care is kept busy answering similar calls.

“A lot of times if there’s a window with some moisture they’ll just stay in that window and forge out on your counter,” said Shannon Milliken with First Response Lawn Care.

Horticulture Agent Dennis Patton reported that he can pinpoint one main reason for the ant invasion. “With the ants this year, let’s just say it’s related to weather,” he said. Frequent rain is forcing the odorous house ant into dryer conditions like between walls. Patton classifies the ant as a nuisance pest. “So in other words they’re just a pain in the pa-toot. They really don’t feed, eat,  and they don’t carry diseases. They can bite or sting. They’re really just looking to survive,” he said.

The ant survives off nearly anything in your kitchen. “Anything sweet, starchy, even grease,” Milliken said.

First Response Lawn Care is an expert at killing ants. Service options include chemical treatments that can stop ants at the lawn level. If the rain has produced an ant population in your yard, call us today – (214) 701-7622. We can move them out–permanently.

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