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Herbicides Rockwall

First Response Lawn Care has one mission – to give you a healthy lawn year round. By combining our 7 step program with good mowing and watering practices, your lawn should stay healthy and green all year long.

Autumn is the time for herbicides Rockwall, Royse City and surrounding areas. It’s also time for overseeding and other preventive maintenance to keep your lawn looking good into winter and onto Spring.

Let’s start with dethatching. Thatch, a mat of yellowish dead grass that can block air and moisture, needs to be removed. If you slacked on the dethatching in spring, now is the time, but don’t go at it too aggressively.

If you need to reseed, use proprietary turfgrass seed, available at nurseries, on the Web, and from landscape-supply houses. Turfgrass breeders constantly improve their seed, and many produce specific regional types. While this seed is more expensive than what’s sold at home centers, it’s also more vigorous. Cira quotes the old adage that a cheap tool is an expensive tool. “You might pay a few dollars more for a proprietary seed, but the results are tremendous, and you don’t have to keep constantly reseeding,” he says.

To seed a bare area, till the soil, apply the seed, and then cover it with a thin layer of lightweight, compost-soil/peat-moss blend. Then be sure to keep it moist. Once the seeds get dry, they’re dry for good.

Remove leaves‚ they block sunlight just when grass needs as much light as possible for photosynthesis and root growth. Grass should go from vigorous growth into winter, not enter it weak and underfed.

Even when the lawn is dormant, it needs to eat. Don’t fall at the last hurdle. We can put the lawn to bed with winterizer to promote root stability, cold-weather hardiness, and disease resistance, so you get great results come spring. The lawn greens up much quicker with fertilization.

We can give you a football worthy lawn to impress your friends and family for the holidays. Call us to get started on your Pre-post emergent.