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Inflatables Can Damage Your Lawn

Inflatables Can Damage Your Lawn

Inflatables Can Damage Your Lawn

We recently had a customer call with a great summer time question. For those families with children, you will appreciate this. This customer had a large (10 foot) inflatable pool taking up part of the lawn for a few days, and it killed their grass. When they discovered that there was some serious damage to the lawn underneath, they called First Response Lawn Care for solutions.

In a situation like this, we offer a few tips and advice on how to overcome the perils of inflatable pool fun versus the health of your lawn. The issue with inflatables is that they can cause damage to your lawn by blocking out air, sunlight, and water from reaching the grass beneath. We hope you’ll find the information helpful so you can continue with the summer fun with slip n slides, plastic pools, jump and bounce houses, etc.

  1. If the lawn is damaged, we can certainly reseed and provide nutrients to encourage repair.
  2. If the lawn is dead, we can quickly lay a patch of new turf in the area that is dead.
  3. Move the summer play items on the lawn every 24 hours to a different spot if the items are smaller.
  4. Empty the inflatables and hang them to dry each night. We realize this sounds like a pain, but not as painful and potentially expensive as replacing your lawn.
  5. Whether you mow yourself or have scheduled lawn maintenance by a professional, it is important to move your inflatables off of your grass before mowing.

Inflatables Can Damage Your Lawn

If you have a hard surface such as a patio, consider moving the inflatables there. One customer had a clever idea to put a big foam padding beneath so the pool bottom would stay cool and comfortable for the kids.

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Lawn Care 101, Spring Lawn Care

Lawn Care 101, Spring Lawn Care

Spring is here!

It’s time to wake your lawn from its winter dormancy and get a start on maintaining its health. There are several things every homeowner should do in early spring to ensure a flourishing lawn that lasts through the following fall. The following is some of the ways that First Response Lawn Care can help keep your lawn needs met.

Clean Debris and Dethatch

Rake leaves, twigs, fallen branches, and thatch to let your grass breathe and access sunlight.

Fall and Spring Clean Up


If your soil is compacted, First Response Lawn Care can aerate your soil to allow your lawn’s root system to access the sun, water, and nutrients from fertilizer.

Lawn Aeration


It depends on your fertilizing schedule and grass type, but this might be the time to apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer once your grass starts actively growing.

Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Prevent weeds and crabgrass from growing in your lawn. First Response Lawn Care can treat your lawn with a preventative weed killer.


Mow Wisely

We start out mowing at a height of 3″ high in spring. Mowing low early in the spring chops off the dead tops of grass blades. We gradually raise the mower setting as the weather gets warmer.

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