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It’s a good idea to avoid excessive foot traffic on winter lawns this time of year. When grass is brown and short, it’s easy to forget that too much foot traffic can actually damage it. Even though turf grasses are normally sturdy and resilient, too much wear and tear will make it hard for them to recover and worn walking paths may form.

Your lawn can easily become a convenient option over cement or walkways. To encourage guests from unnecessarily walking on your lawn, make sure that your sidewalks or driveways are kept clear in the winter months.

If you neglect winter lawn care

If you don’t take care of your lawn in the winter, no amount of spring lawn maintenance can totally reverse the neglect. Without care, your turfgrass roots are more likely to die, resulting in a dead lawn that’s not only unappealing but unhealthy for your lawn. When this happens, reseeding and replanting of turf grass will be necessary and nursing your lawn back to full health will take time and money.

If you’re worried about your lawn this winter, let a professional lawn specialist at First Response Lawn Care evaluate your lawn and assess its needs. Now is the perfect time to sign up for our 7 step lawn care and weed control program that’ll keep your lawn healthy this winter and all year long. Contact us today for a complimentary quote and inspection of your property and we’ll get working to give your lawn the help it needs.